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Curiousity Killed the Cat You Know

I know, I know

Rebel Angel
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Shits Crazy.

$1 store, 1800's, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950's !!!, 1960s, 1970s, 1980's, alcohol, alice in wonderland, ancient history, apples, art/street art, autumn, baby deer, baby ducks, baby elephants, baby's hair clips, baking treats for teatime, barbie, being a bitch, being a sexy librarian, being organized, big plastic sunglasses, black, black tattoos, books of ghost stories, bookshelves, boxes, boy clothes, burlesque, cadillacs, camping, cartoons, cases and tins, casper the friendly ghost, cinnamon brown sugar toast, classics, classy ladies & gentlemen, comic books, corpse bride, cosmetics, courtney & kurt, courtney love, cry-baby, cryptozoology, cupboards, cute ghosties, cute things, cutting my hair, danny zuko, dark eye make-up, dirty dancing, disney, disney couture, disney movies, drawers, dresses, elvis presley, faeries, fairy lights, fashion, fishnet, flashy, gangsters, gingham, grease, greasers, hearts, history, hole, hoodlums, hotels, hustlers, jack daniels, jumping, kitsch, kurt cobain, l'amour, lace, literature, lolita, long pretty eyelashes, make believe, marvel!!, mermaids, mini skirts, monsters, nancy drew mysteries, neverland, nirvana, old books, oscar wilde, pale colors, penguin classics, peter pan, pin-up, playing dress-up, polka dot, red, red nail polish, retro, rockabilly, sailors, schoolboy blazers, screaming, sewing buttons on things, sex, short-shorts, silky dresses, skater boys, skulls, smoking, spades, split personalities, stars, staying up all night, stripes, tea lights, techno, tequila shots, the misfits, the moon and stars, the nightmare before christmas, tights, tinkerbell, trinkets, unicorns, vampires, velvet, vintage barbie, vintage cadillacs, vintage clothes & purses, wade "cry-baby" walker, walking late at night, wanda woodward, weed, white high heels, white trash, writing in notebooks, yummy vitamin c